Alreeeet darling

Jaha, vi tar ett inlagg pa svenska. Ha sa kul och las utan a, a och o!

Ja, vad har hant de senaste dagarna? Jodie kom ju hem sa vi drog till Rileys och spelade biljard, kakade kina och hade det gott. Sedan satt jag inne hela forrgar i princip for att det regnade ackligt mycket. Efter jobbet kom Tom och hamtade mig sa drog vi ut i bilen en svang. Sen stack vi kusiner och Allanah och kopte godisklubbor och dar traffade jag Shaun mitt i mataffaren. En svang till en slakting jag inte traffat pa ca 4 ar. Igar var jag och Jodie i Coventry och shoppade; jag hittade en massa fint! Dock maste jag kopa nagon mer klanning som jag kan ga ut i. Pa kvallen gallde fest och utgang i stan for forsta gangen for min del. Forfest verkar inte existera sa varst mycket. Kusin och jag hallde i oss en massa Bacardi Breezers innan Adam och Alex kom och hamtade oss. Forst gick vi till Spoonies, traffade folk dar. Sedan vidare till Bank som var hel-uselt, inget folk alls! Vidare till The Lawrence Sheriff dar vi stannade i princip hela kvallen. Traffade en massa kompisar, bland annat Joe som jag inte sett pa flera ar. Lucas och jag stack till Walkabout, koade i baren i 20 min och chillade till musik. Vid tvatiden ville kusin dra hem sa vi tog oss en taxi och brummade hem. Jag somnade direkt och vaknade huuuur trott som helst. I morse madde jag fint och promenerade hem. Nu vet jag inte riktigt vad som hander. Tror att jag ska ringa mormor eller mina gudforaldrar och se om jag kan dra dit och halsa pa. Shaun fyller 20 idag och har fest men vet ej om jag ska dit ikvall.

Nu: fixa i ordning mig och ata!

S, x


Up I got, downloaded Spotify and made breakfast. Got ready and trekked to town where I found some AMAZING shoes. I didn't even go into Topshop because I knew I'd spend lots of money. Lunch with dear mother at The Lawrence Sheriff, it was okay. Walk home and guess who's in the car waiting for me outside Uncle Marcel's house?! JODIE AND ROB! WOOWOWOW. Sorted som bilar out for them, got changed and went to Jodie's to get her stuff. Then we spent three hours in Rileys playing pool and I was worse than EVER.

England times

Hello all, here I am! I'll most likely be writing my entries in English whilst I'm here or you'll have to put up with the awful 'a', 'a' & 'o''s because this country don't have the last three letters of the Swedish alphabet!

So, the drive to the airport was okay, we got up at five and left at six. Took off from Gothenburg at 10.20 and the first thing we saw when we got outside the airport was a whole group of foreign kids wearing face masks and their teacher on her mobile saying "He's in his room, isolated!". We were like: IT'S THE SWINE FLU, RUN RUN RUN! Not. But it's everywhere here. I know of one guy who's whole family's got it; it's so weird! So when we got here we met nan, she looks really well after her hip operation. Off to town to sort some contacts out for my eyes, that didn't work so granddad is sending them through the post today. Last night I met up with James Littlejohn and went up town for a few drinks. Randomly enough Jamie and Bav walk in. Jamie tends to do that, turn up everywhere. Then off to a place called Spoonies were James's friends where, I only recognized on person. I was so scared. But they were nice!

Plans today? Not a clue. I want Jodie to come home! Lucky girl's been in Hong Kong with Mai. I think she gets back today, but she'll probably be seeing Rob first. Then there's the whole shopping ordeal. When?! And with who, obviously. I went to Topshop in town and wanted to buy everything! & I wish I could walk in high heels without it killing my feet after three hours. This became a very long entry, I'll probably update every now and then telling you what's going on here.


S, x